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Create memories with a link that bonds you forever. 

About L+B

Link+Bonded offers semi-permanent welded jewelry that is custom-sized and personalized to you, giving a clasp free bracelet, anklet, necklace and even rings!


We call it semi-permanent because it can be permanent for as long as your life-style wants or permits! The sustainable gold and sterling silver chains are classy, timeless and simplistic, but can be removed with scissors when desired.


If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable and unique gift and experience, choose Link+Bonded.  We will make sure it's one that provides a link, bonding you forever!  

Link+Bonded now has a studio space, L+B Studio, located at 8 S. Church St. Mt. Pleasant, PA by appointment only.  We also do private parties and pop-ups in Westmoreland County and surrounding areas.  If you would like to book a private appointment at L+B Studio, visit the our booking site!

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